Re: Miscellaneous thoughts...

xtu62 (
Thu, 4 Dec 1997 18:52:37 -0000

Bryan Larsen wrote:

>I have trouble seeing the PC market growing substantially, or Intel's
>market share (>90% ?) growing. In fact, I see signs that many people are
>buying lower cost PC's when they do eventually buy. I don't see anything
>sparking a drive towards P2's by the public, either. Windows 98 will run
>fine on a Pentium with enough RAM & HD. Excel, Word, et cetera. Quake II
>will be helped more by a Voodoo graphics card than a new processor. The
>internet, Netscape on a 56K modem certainly doesn't require more than a
>Pentium, even including all the current Java mini-apps.

I'd have to disagree, the rush to buy Pentium 2's is huge. Nobody wants
anything below a 233MXX and usually go for the Pentium 2. Oh! And the
sequal to Quake, Trinity won't use 3D cards, it'll be software only (as will
most next generation 3D games, cos the cards don't do the right sort of 3D)
so you're going to need that P2.

>> Re: politics.
>This list finished converting me to Libertarianism. I was close before, I
>just needed the push. If you're familiar with Canadian politics, I kept
>flipping back and forth between the socialist New Democrats and the
>extreme right wing Reform Party, and found myself very confused. Now I've
>found a home. :) I joined the Freedom Party in Ontario here, but haven't
>received anything from them yet.

Any chance of converting you to something more extreme - absolutely NO
POLITICS!!!??? Just thought I'd ask.