Re: MidWest/Chicago Extropians
Thu, 4 Dec 1997 13:04:54 -0500 (EST)

On Thu, 4 Dec 1997, M. E. Smith wrote:

> Concerning Chicago-Area Extropians, Michael Bowling
> wrote:
> "...While we wait, how about giving suggestions for
> rough dates. I'll start the bidding with sometime
> before Jan 12th..."
> However, I have found with all things of this nature
> that its best to give people notice well before the
> event. By "well before", I mean like a month minimum;
> in general, two months is better. Since this thread
> began around 2 December, I don't think anyone would
> object if I strongly suggest that we not attempt a
> meeting prior to 2 January 1998. Usually, I would say
> that the date should be SET at least a month in
> advance of the event, and we haven't even set the
> date yet.
> (Perhaps we should hurry up and settle on a date
> then?? Maybe if three of us can agree on a date,
> others will consider the matter settled. How about
> Saturday, 10 January 1998?)

A target date of January 10 sounds reasonable. Let's hear from other
interested folks...

> Hey, are there any more Chicago & Midwestern
> Extropians out there? Chicago? Milwaukee? Madison?
> Indianapolis? St. Louis? Quad Cities? Take a break
> from lurking and let us know!

Yes!! Join us if you can!

> Any more suggestions concerning the timing of a
> possible gathering? How about the setting?
> Restaurant? House? Bar? All of the above? Suggestions
> on other matters?

Depending on the response to this gathering, we may have to reserve
something(??) (I'm new to get-together planning business). We should be
sensitive to age concerns, as someone(Steve) suggested to me. We should
find out if we have any individuals that may require us to meet in an all
ages venue.

Michael Bowling