Re: Miscellaneous thoughts...
Fri, 5 Dec 1997 10:50:45 -0800 (PST)

xtu62 [] wrote:
>I'd have to disagree, the rush to buy Pentium 2's is huge. Nobody wants
>anything below a 233MXX and usually go for the Pentium 2. Oh! And the
>sequal to Quake, Trinity won't use 3D cards, it'll be software only (as will
>most next generation 3D games, cos the cards don't do the right sort of 3D)
>so you're going to need that P2.

As someone who works for a 3D graphics chip manufacturer, I find this
rather surprising; in fact, from what I've read about Trinity it will
*only* work with a 3D accelerator; supposedly there will be no software
rendering included, just OpenGL.

With all the quality options enabled (i.e. a situation similar to ID's
games) I've seen some demos running fifty times faster with my 3D
accelerator than on a 266MHz Pentium-II. I can't see Intel catching
up in the near future unless they build some 3D capabilities into the
CPU itself.