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Fri, 28 Nov 1997 16:46:56 -0600

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I thoroughly agree with Kennita. Transhumanism is a special variety of
humanism which emphasizes the Brotherhood, Sisterhood or Siblinghood of
Humankind and our historical, and futurological connection to past and coming
generations. This is a perfectly appropriate form of thanksgiving.
"Thankfulness" for pleasant surprises or luck )e.g. getting across a railroad
pass in the nick of time is likely an evolutionary holdover from our genetic
and psychological past re: parents (as Anders Said I believe) which,
incidentally, is also an intergenerational thanksgiving of a particular type.

> Kennita Watson wrote:
> >This sounds wonderful. It also brings up something I haven't been able
> >to get a handle on. Give thanks to who (or what)? I fancy myself a
> >fairly rational sort, but often I feel thankful, in large ways or small.
> That's easy.
> Thanks should go, every day, to all those who thoought, built,
> suffered, produced and died to create all most of us take granted today. We
> owe our very lives, all our technology, wealth and hope for a spectacular
> future to millions who won't or didn't make it.
> Someday, rational beings will thank some of us. I hope we're around
> for them to do it in person.
> Happy Thanksgiving,