Re: Projected thanksgiving

Warrl kyree Tale'sedrin (
Fri, 28 Nov 1997 17:37:23 -0800

Kennita Watson wrote:
> Thanks should go, every day, to all those who thoought,
> built,
>suffered, produced and died to create all most of us take granted
>today. We owe our very lives, all our technology, wealth and hope
>for a spectacular future to millions who won't or didn't make it.
> Someday, rational beings will thank some of us. I hope
> we're around for them to do it in person.

Most of all we should thank those who tried to do things that "cannot
be done". Most of them failed. Many of them died. But if they had
not tried...

I believe it was Heinlein who said something on the order of:

"If an elderly and knowledgeable scientist tells you something can be
done, he is very probably right. If an elderly and knowledgeable
scientist tells you something cannot be done, he is almost certainly

To which I add:

Listen very carefully to WHY it cannot be done, because there's a
good chance he'll accidentally tell you how to do it.
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