Re: Projected thanksgiving

Kathryn Aegis (
Thu, 27 Nov 1997 12:38:40 +0000

Kennita Watson:
>This sounds wonderful. It also brings up something I haven't been able
>to get a handle on. Give thanks to who (or what)?

You have touched upon another component of my ruminations yesterday:
the difference between gratitude and thanksgiving. For most of us
raised within a Judeo-Christian culture, the two concepts have become
intertwined, because we are taught that we are unworthy creatures who
do not really deserve the abundance we enjoy in life--the goodies
have been bestowed upon us through the benevolence of a higher being.
We should, therefore, be grateful for whatever is given us. When one
expresses gratitude, one implies that one is completely undeserving
and that one owes the person/higher being in ways that can never be
repaid. I can see expressing gratitude to another person in
instances such as someone saving one's life, but to express gratitude
on all levels does not seem consistent with transhuman ideas.

The act of giving thanks, on the other hand, consists of an
expression of appreciation and enjoyment. As such, it can be
directed at any person, organization, or even to ourselves. You,
Natasha and Dave provided wonderful examples of giving thanks in your
postings yesterday. Thank you for doing that!

Kathryn Aegis