Re: Projected thanksgiving

Alex Tseng (
Thu, 27 Nov 1997 21:56:07 -0800 (PST)

---"Michael M. Butler" <butler@comp*> wrote:
> Amen.
> PS: some people I know thank God, in the _Stranger in a Strange
Land_ sense, too. That definition may be irrational, but no more
so than any other...

Well, We don't have Thanksgiving here in Singapore
but anyways,....
Happy Thanksgiving, Extropians
looking forward to seeing Future 'Mayflowers' carrying us
off to colonize the rest of the galaxy and 'salvation'.
Alex Tseng

In astrophysics, the general strategy is to formulate mathemat-
ical models of real systems, calculate quantitative predictions
from these models, and then see if observations agree with these
predictions. If there is agreement, then for the time being the
model is considered a useful description of the system of
interest, and conversely, its negation will warrant a correction
abandonment of the model. - Unattributed

While others may argue about whether the world ends
with a bang or a whimper, I just want to make sure
mine doesn't end with a whine.
--Barbara Gordon

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