Re: Projected thanksgiving

Michael M. Butler (butler@comp*
Thu, 27 Nov 1997 20:02:16 -0800


I can't exactly send them royalties, now can I?

Thanks, Dave.


PS: some people I know thank God, in the _Stranger in a Strange Land_
sense, too.
That definition may be irrational, but no more so than any other...

> That's easy.
> Thanks should go, every day, to all those who thoought, built,
>suffered, produced and died to create all most of us take granted today. We
>owe our very lives, all our technology, wealth and hope for a spectacular
>future to millions who won't or didn't make it.
> Someday, rational beings will thank some of us. I hope we're around
>for them to do it in person.
>Happy Thanksgiving,

>David A. Kekich
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