Re: Projected thanksgiving

Prof. Gomes (
Thu, 27 Nov 1997 17:54:35 -0300

At 13:36 26/11/97 +0000, you wrote:
>Traditionally at this time of year, Americans take a few minutes to
>contemplate what one has been given, what one has at this time. Many
>think back to times when things were less bountiful in their
>own lives and compare that with the accomplishments of today.
>Transhumanists can extend thanks into the future. Take a few minutes to
>contemplate what we will create in years to come, and give thanks for
>living at a time wherein we live on the brink of obtaining the knowledge
>and resources to make dreams reality. While others focus mostly on what
>has been given, think about what we have earned and what we will
>build, what we will envision and what we invent.
>That, and the future prospect of a huge, caloric feast!
>Kathryn Aegis

Just a question: For keeping pure transhumanist coherence, give thanks to
whom ???
( an answer is important, since in the future we will possibly want to keep
the feast... isn't it ??)