Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Evidence: Open vs. Closed Universe

Anders Sandberg (
27 Nov 1997 22:14:56 +0100 writes:

> "If you move straight forward in any direction you will eventually end up
> where you started."
> "This universe lasts forever and has infinite volume."
> I just wanted to put your two statements in close proximity so perhaps
> you could see the foolishness of your argument. Please tell me how I
> end up where I started in infinite volume.

It is simple, you have made the mistake of mixing up the section
dealing with a closed universe (which is finite) and the section
dealing with an open universe (which is infinite). Read the original
post more closely (somehow I don't think you will bother).

> My hope is that you will research Objectivist Epistemology and
> recognize it as a powerful immune system for your brain and implement it
> so you can go on to apply your admirable mental capacity to challenges that
> will increase your happiness(and of course my selfish reasons are to benefit
> from the products or services of a happy, rational person that will be so
> valuable in a free society--should we ever see a free society on earth.)

Actually, my research into memetics and philosophy, as well as
discussions with other objectivists including you, have convinced me
firmly that objectivism (as understood by many of its adherents) is a
very bad immune system given my personal goals of growth and
openness. Can't you see that you have closed your own mind much more
firmly than the closed universes you refuse to believe in? Essentially
you are subscribing to a self-supporting, doubtless comfortable, meme
complex that tells you that you are right, everybody else who does not
share your opinion is wrong, and that you must at every chance
proselytize. It is extremely similar to the Jehova's Witnesses meme.

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