Re: Mega-Engineering: Mitigating global warming

Forrest Bishop (
Wed, 26 Nov 1997 14:47:51 -0800

Gregory Sullivan wrote:
> Whether "global warming" is currently occurring or will occur in the
> future is somewhat controversial.

Just so. Our CO2 emmissions may just as easily be forestalling an Ice

> proposals that have been considered by the National Academy of
> Sciences. Of course, some of these proposals can be criticized for
> ignoring unintended consequences, being unrealistic, or being
> hubristic, etc. But they are fun, and one or more of them might work
> in a desirable fashion. We should not foreclose options.

> Reforestation: Reforest 28.7 Mha of economically or environmentally
> marginal crop and pasture lands and nonfederal forest lands to
> sequester 10 percent of U.S. CO_2 emissions.

My personal favorite, though iron seeding the ocean looks promising.

> Gregory Benford
> Climate Controls
> Reason magazine
> Blurb from magazine: If we treated global warming as a technical
> problem instead of a moral outrage, we could cool the world.

Precisely why I don't give the matter much thought.

Forrest Bishop