A Neuroregeneration Citation needed (Special ATTENTION: Neuroscientists on this list)

Philos Anthropy (anthropy@inwave.com)
Wed, 19 Nov 1997 16:40:18 -0600

In the Sunday June 8, 1991 issue of the Chicago Tribune on page A16
(continued from A1) an
article called "New Hope for the Paralyzed" by Ronald Kotulak he states:

"The first evidence that spinal chord nerves can regenerate across a
big gap was reported last
year by scientists at Sweden's Karolinska Institute.
"After severing spinal chords in rats, creating a gap about
one-fifth of an inch long, scientists glued
a bridge across the gap using nerves from the animals' chests
"A year later the rats regained some function of their rear limbs
and made walking motions
Microscopic examination revealed that some of the severed spinal chord
neurons had grown over
the bridge and reconnected to the nerves controlling the hind limbs.
" 'I think this paper shows not only that regeneration is possible
but it also shows that the task will
be easier than we ever anticipated' [Dr.Wise] Young concluded in an
editorial in the journal
Science. [Dr. Wise Young is a neuroscientist at New York University
Medical Center]

Can you locate the citation of the published scientific journal article
that describes this
experiment and its results/conclusions? Any help would be greatly
appreciated. I already tried
the CD-ROM version of Medline, an IBIS database search and a MetaCrawler
search. No luck.