Re: Excedo: What's in a name?

Berrie Staring (
Wed, 19 Nov 1997 23:46:37 +0100

Max wrote:

> I have time only to make one point before I have to leave today to teach
> all day and evening. I'm puzzled that Arjen has posted several private
> mails without, so far as I can tell, having asked the writers'
> I'll say no more about that, since it may be that Arjen did in fact ask
> permissions to publically post private mail.

As I explained Tom, I would like to stay out the discussion for a
while to see what others think. However I feel to make sure that
this statement above doesn't add more confusion, then there already
is. I would like to say this: I told Tom several times I copied people
on this. By doing this I made it public ! I feel on this particular
issue It was the right thing to do. However, for future conversation,
I can asure you, that all mail will be kept private. If Tom feels
I did something "low" by sharing this information. I will apologize
for this........ We copied so many people on
this, that I think a lot of you were allready aware of this "problem"
If I totaly miss judged this particular situation, please let me know.
There was Honestly no intention to do any harm to the
reputation of Tom. Our personal dispute was based on my emotions
and should be in no way hold against Tom or Extropy.

One thing I would like to say: I hope we can get this "history"
factfile out very soon, so that we "or me personal as, let's say
relative newbie" can prevent further miss comunication.

Best regards,