Re: Uplifting Oliver

Anders Sandberg (
19 Nov 1997 23:17:45 +0100 writes:

> In a message dated 11/19/97 2:00:52 AM, wrote:
> >I don't know anything about Oliver, but it is very unlikely a
> >chimpanzee - human crossbreed would be viable. Just because they are
> >closely related to us doesn't mean they are compatible.
> According to a science film I saw in high school, such an experiment
> was performed back in the eugenics days. The embryos were nonviable
> and died in the second month.

Sounds odd. Chimpanzees have the wrong number of chromosomes and
likely enough translocated genes to mess up recombination, so I would
expect the embryonal cells to be non-viable and division to stop much
earlier (although I might be wrong, developmental genetics isn't my
forte). It does sound a bit like anti-eugenics propaganda (although I
would be surprised if nobody has ever tried it).

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