Re: Excedo: What's in a name?

Max More (
Wed, 19 Nov 1997 09:27:10 -0800

I have time only to make one point before I have to leave today to teach
all day and evening. I'm puzzled that Arjen has posted several private
mails without, so far as I can tell, having asked the writers' permission.
I'll say no more about that, since it may be that Arjen did in fact ask
permissions to publically post private mail.

> >However, we realize we are the new ones here,
> >so we are open for every suggestion you have.
> >Also, we do give all of you a lot off credit for
> >actually building the first structure related to
> >extropy/transhumanism.
> >Never the less, In holland/europe etc.....I doubt
> >there are more then 100 people who have heard from
> >you. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Okay: You're off by several orders of magnitude. I have made numerous
appearances on television, in magazines and newspapers, and on radio
explaining transhumanism and the role of Extropy Institute in Europe. I've
appeared on TV in your own country, the Netherlands, and have spoken before
a couple of hundred people in Amsterdam. Aside from the growing number we
are hearing of in Europe via the Net, just this year I have appeared in
major newspapers and magazines in Germany (see a recent issue of c't for
example), as well as the German book Cyberland by Gundolf Freyermuth which
devotes a long chapter based on extropians. While at Ars Electronica in
Austria, I did several interviews for television and newspapers. While in
Madrid, I did interviews for several TV shows, as well as for publications
including El Pais -- the major newspaper based in Madrid. I have explained
extropian ideas in the media in Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain, Austria,
Holland, England, and other countries.

Extropy Institute has been receiving a growing amount of interest from
Europe. That's why we recently set up a European email list. There is also
a feature on European extropians in the Exponent newsletter that's going in
the mail in a few days.

More later...


Max More, Ph.D.
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