Re: Excedo: What's in a name?

Mike Coward (
Wed, 19 Nov 1997 12:03:01 -0500

>Date: Wed, 19 Nov 1997 13:14:57 +0100
>From: Arjen Kamphuis <>
>Subject: Excedo: What's in a name?
>Recently there has been some discussion about the name of the (still
>unofficial - non-registered) Dutch Transhumanist Society "Excedo". Henri
>Kluytmans, founding member, came up with this name several months ago and
>we all agreed that it was right for us. Strickly speaking it's Latin but
>Dutch people (most of whom have a reasonable command of English) would
>associate it with words like 'Exceed' and 'Excel'. It also sound like
>something fast and dynamic. We felt (and feel) this name would nicely
>represent our >H idea's about the great possibilities we see in the (near)
>A few weeks ago Berrie, who has been working very hard on laying the
>groundwork for a well-organized Dutch >H Ssociety, started an E-mail
>correspondance with Tom about our name. Tom was worried that there might be
>confusion between the Extropy Institute and Excedo because of the name.

I understand Tom's concern.

Extropians like to put "ex" infront of many words.

No one owns the letters "ex".

No one owns meaning of the letters "ex".

There are many people named John Smith
who are not being sued for identity theft.

"Extropy" and "Excedo"
are even less similar than elements and elevators
but not many people can stand on any pile of atoms
and say, "Second floor please." without looking like a fool.

This argument is an
Example of an
Excessive and
Exchange of
Excrement without