Re: NY Times Lies Re: Goddard

Ian Goddard (
Wed, 19 Nov 1997 05:02:30 -0500

>Abraham Moses Genen (
>Dear Fellow Extropians:
>Having read Mr. Goddard's speculations, conjectures ( and possibly
>paranoid delusions)repeatedly, may I respectfully suggest that he
>consider reading Aristotle on scientific method followed by
>Blackstone on the rules of evidence.

IAN: (1) There is proof that the military
lied about their activities on July 17,'96.
(2) There is proof the govt continues to lie
about such. (3) There is proof that the FBI
has acted to cover up facts. (4) There is
photographic evidence of a military drone-
type aerial device a few miles and moments
from the crash. (5) There are over 100 wit-
nesses of a missile-like streak rising from
the ocean to impact TWA 800. (6) There is
massive penetration deformation to the
exterior fuselage panels exceeding the
psi strength of a CFT explosion.

Proof of deception, physical evidence of
external-projectile penetration, photo-
graphic evidence of military activity,
over 100 harmonious eyewitness accounts
of projectile penetration... sorry to
foil your ad hominem, but that's not
a "paranoid delusion."

Now you may be more impressed by claims
of government officials that "We didn't
do it," than you are with proofs and
overwhelming evidence, but I am not.

The propensity for so many to be duped
by incredulous government claims... for
so many to fail to question the dictates
of authorities and define all that does
as "paranoid" is a sorry sight. Such is
what it takes to loose all freedoms.

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