NY Times Lies Re: Goddard

Ian Goddard (igoddard@netkonnect.net)
Tue, 18 Nov 1997 05:22:20 -0500

The New York Times editorial "Conspiracies, Real
and Imagined" (11/14/97) falsely states that:
"Mr. Goddard now says he INVENTED the tale [the
Navy-Missile theory] to give the Government a
'black eye.'" (emphasis added)

I was contacted by Matthew Wald with the New York
Times the day the CNN story hit, over a week before
that NY Times editorial. I explained to Mr. Wald
that I never admitted to perpetrating a sham or a
hoax, that I have only presented eyewitness accounts
and press reports pertaining to military activity
on July 17, 1996. I "invented" NOTHING. I was even
a relative late comer to the USN-TWA theory.

I also sent him all the messages I have sent here.
But nevertheless, the New York Times ignores what
I actually say and instead they say that I said I
invented the whole thing. Clearly, they chose to
publish the false over the true. Why???!!

This is a naked farce, a deliberate attempt to
destroy the truth, the Navy-missile theory, and
me to boot. Why would they do this? Other reports
claim I wrote the so-called "anonymous Internet
document," which was written by former 747 pilot
Richard Russell. The unrelenting year-long sweep
of disinformation throughout the media points to
only one logical answer to that question: there
is a massive media-wide cover-up underway.

I have spoken with reporters who tell me they can-
not cover witnesses accounts. When I ask why, no
answer is given. All the major network programs,
even fringe programs like HARD COPY, refuse to show
the radar tapes, except a 2 second flash by Prime
Time Live that prevented any meaningful perception
of their content. Richard Russell, who had extra
copies he forgot to give the FBI when they took
the masters, has tried and tried to get media to
show the tape, with no luck. It's authenticity is
not in question. The FBI has conceded authenticity.
It's a fact that Russell has inside contacts. The
FBI has been interrogating his friends in an
effort to track down that contact.

The evidence is clear that there is a clamp down
on all evidence pointing to Navy culpability and
there is an agenda to destroy those pushing the
case, particularly yours truly. It's all right
there for anyone to see. It seems clear that it's
a national security issue, and that under such,
it's Marshall Law regarding the issue of TWA 800.

Pointing in this direction is the fact that on
the very same day (03/11/97) the FBI learned that
Russell had the radar tapes, showing a possible
Navy missile, and went to get the tapes, President
Clinton signed Executive Order 13039, which excludes
the Naval Special Warfare Development Group from
federal whistle-blower protections for reasons of
"national security." The SpecWarDevGru is involved
in the littoral (coastal) Cruise Missile Defense
program which seems to be what was happening off
Long Island during the "Global Yankee '96" military
exercises taking place off L.I. on July 17, 1996.

You can see this eye-opening Executive Order here:



E.O. 13039 went into effect one day before the Paris
Match article came out showing photos of the radar
tapes. I believe they fear any favorable media
coverage such as the Match article, because this
creates an atmosphere that could encourage "loose
lips." It could make the suppressed feel it was safe
to come out, that someone will listen. It seems that
the master planners panicked when they realized the
radar data was out and rushed to exempt the key Navy
R&D group from whistle-blower protections.

Allowing a fair degree of obvious media oppression
may be determined as necessary to signal those that
might speak up, that your dead meat if you do...
look how we cooked Goddard's ass. If a Navy person
came forward, they'd say he was perpetrating a hoax
for money, for fame, to get back at his superiors...

This is one of the most massive cover-ups in history.
Anyone who takes the time to read a few of my short
reports will see the utter transparency of it:


I have PROVEN that there is a cover-up:


I believe that my having shown its transparency is
the reason I've been taken out to the woodshed by
the GovtMedia for spankings over and over this last
year. My butt got so sore I said I was sorry, but
then they whipped my ass harder anyway, so why
apologize? Hell... maybe I'm a masochist.

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