Question Not Authoritarian Decree

Ian Goddard (
Wed, 19 Nov 1997 05:43:06 -0500

Abraham Moses Genen ( wrote:
>Dear Fellow Extropians:
>Having read Mr. Goddard's speculations, conjectures ( and possibly
>paranoid delusions)repeatedly, may I respectfully suggest that he
>consider reading Aristotle on scientific method followed by
>Blackstone on the rules of evidence.

IAN: It seems that every media outlet
in the Western world can tell a lie,
and ostensibly any number of lies,
yet Abraham Moses Genen would only
see wrong in he who questioned the
authorities and thus was the target
of such apparently justifed lies.

The authorities and media are
free to lie at will, but woe
unto he who dares to
question the divine rights
of authority. Except the edict
of authority without question,
or suffer the slings of ad hominem,
ridicule and threats of violence.
Except their proclamations without
resistance or face the retribution
of universal slander. Such is what
it takes to ensure unswerving
obedience to authority.

Abraham Moses Genen does not
need to question the FBI & CIA,
for he has faith in them, I do not.

Abraham Moses Genen needs to
ridicule as mentally deranged
he who questiond the FBI & CIA,
yet I do not need to impugn
the sanity of those who
do not question.

If we shoot arrows at that which
we fear, then Abraham Moses Genen
fears the questioning of authority.
I believe that Extropians should not
and do not fear but P R O M O T E
the questioning of authority.

My questioning of the investigation
of TWA 800 by the authorities has
been careful and responsible,
reckless only to the degree
I failed to realize the
attacks and threats
I would suffer.

Where has my contribution to the
process of questioning authority
failed to meet high standards:

None can show an error, falsehood,
or fabrication even as they sling
mud and charges of fraud. These
people assault not just myself,
but the process of free inquiry.

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