Re: The copy paradox

Anders Sandberg (
11 Nov 1997 20:29:14 +0100

Brent Allsop <> writes:

> To me, what
> fantasies (and accurate precepts of reality) are really made of is the
> stuff of consciousness, and this stuff is what we fundamentally are.
> A computer that has similar behavior to you may have abstract models
> that represent information like your phenomenal conscious models do
> but an abstract binary number is nothing like a real phenomenal red
> sensation is it? Regardless of whether this red is a dream of a
> fantasy cherry or accurately representing a real sumptuous juicy one
> you are about to eat, it is much more than an abstract number right?

Actually, I consider this "stuff of consciousness" to be information,
or more accurately instantiated information. So I have no problem
imagining a computer experiencing the color red if it has the right
software, and transferring my mind into the computer is just a problem
of replicating the pattern. But I cannot be sure until I try.

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