ANNOUNCEMENT: CryoFeast Party!

Natasha V. More (
Tue, 11 Nov 1997 14:06:03 -0600

Dear extropians and other transhuman cryonicists:

This year the CryoFeast will be Co-Hosted by Alcor members in a number of
locations throughout the US and across the world!

The Alcor CryoFeast is a yearly party held the first weekend of December to
celebrate and toast our future and our indefinite lifespans. Others may be a
little behind the times in giving thanks for the harvest; we cryonicsts are
giving thanks for the technologies that may help us to achieve indefinite

During the 1980's and early 1990's the CryoFeast was held in Los Angeles.
Timothy Leary was the host for many of these parties. Last year, Ailing
(Niki) Freemand and Tim Freeman graciously hosted the CryoFeast in the Bay area.

If you are an Alcor member and would like to Co-Host a CryoFeast in your
vicinity on December 6th (flexible), please contact me soonest. We welcome
everyone to participate, and even if there are just a few members in your
area, or just yourself, be a co-host anyway!

Thank you!

Natasha Vita More
310 306-3129

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