re: Call for European Transhumanists (Was: looking for...)

Holger Wagner (
Thu, 30 Oct 1997 23:07:02 +0100

Anders Sandberg <> wrote:
> Actually, I think it is time for us European transhumanists of
> different kinds and names to start to network a bit better. As
> Nicholas listed, we know about associations in Sweden, the Netherlands
> and likely soon Britain. But there are isolated transhumanists in
> Denmark, Germany, France and right now Russia (Eugene Leitl is there),
> and doubtless plenty of others (many with no net access and many who
> have come to our ideas independently).
> We of Aleph have been discussing arranging an european transhumanist
> meeting next summer; is there interest out there in helping to develop
> a working european transhumanist network?

I'd be very interested in this. At the moment, the names "Extropianism"
and "Transhumanism" are pretty new to me, and I'm not exactly sure what
exactly the difference is. The way I see it, Transhumanism is probably a
part of Extropianism, but I wouldn't be sure if - for example part of
the Extropian Principles - can be found in Transhumanism,too.

Would it be correct to say "Extropians are more critical than

I'm living in Munich, Germany and am currently trying to find a few
people around me who are open to Extropian ideas for discussion - since
next week my vacation will be over (I'm studying
computer-science/engineering and communication studies), I'll probably
have very limited time for that - there's just too much interesting
stuff to learn, and for the next 4 months I'll focus on University ;-)


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