Call for European Transhumanists (Was: looking for...)

Anders Sandberg (
30 Oct 1997 14:34:31 +0100

pcweeksp <> writes:

> Hello, I'm a spanish guy who would like to contact with spanish
> extropians.
> Could you send me any mail adresses about that?

Actually, I think it is time for us European transhumanists of
different kinds and names to start to network a bit better. As
Nicholas listed, we know about associations in Sweden, the Netherlands
and likely soon Britain. But there are isolated transhumanists in
Denmark, Germany, France and right now Russia (Eugene Leitl is there),
and doubtless plenty of others (many with no net access and many who
have come to our ideas independently).

We of Aleph have been discussing arranging an european transhumanist
meeting next summer; is there interest out there in helping to develop
a working european transhumanist network?

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