Re: Call for European Transhumanists (Was: looking for...)

Joao Pedro (
Wed, 29 Oct 1997 22:25:05 GMT


>pcweeksp <> writes:
>> Hello, I'm a spanish guy who would like to contact with spanish
>> extropians.
>> Could you send me any mail adresses about that?
>Actually, I think it is time for us European transhumanists of
>different kinds and names to start to network a bit better. As
>Nicholas listed, we know about associations in Sweden, the Netherlands
>and likely soon Britain. But there are isolated transhumanists in
>Denmark, Germany, France and right now Russia (Eugene Leitl is there),
>and doubtless plenty of others (many with no net access and many who
>have come to our ideas independently).
>We of Aleph have been discussing arranging an european transhumanist
>meeting next summer; is there interest out there in helping to develop
>a working european transhumanist network?

Don't forget Portugal although according to some countries legislation I'm
not an adult citizen, I'm here and I'm a supporter of transhumanist.

About a meeting, if it's not too far away I might be interested.

See ya,