The Transhuman well

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Fri, 31 Oct 1997 11:01:44 +0100

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Hello All,

My idea is to combine a few thoughts I had about a starting point
and a history of the Transhuman movement.

I would like to have one source of information were people can start
reading about all (a lot :-) of the aspects of Extropy an >H.
Building up from History towards the future................

Therefor I post this start text, which is of cause not much, but
it's a start. I suggest that all who like and know something of a specific
subject send to my personal address their contribution. This way we
will keep the traffic low on the list.

I will compose from all your contributions a new text, and repost it
again. This we will repeat a few times, until we will have a satisfying

What I would like to see develop is an optimistic and easy to read
scientific correct story about.......well........basically about everything
But as I mentioned in the text, every line will have a number in front
of it, so that anybody can refer to this text and his or her own
opinion and additional information.

So to make it a bit clearer. Someone who knows a lot about the DNA,
will write and introduction to it (the basic concept) and in relation to
the main text. For a detailed look into the matter, you can click on the
number in front of the line, were you will find links, opinions, and
to books, etc........

To kick it off, and get it on the road, I would like to suggest that:

Anders, starts with the intro, the big bang, earth
Max, starts with Civilization, and Now, and Future

Doesn't have to be much, and you will probably have a lot of text
you can easily copy. It's just the first structure !?

Can I post it as .doc ??

I will repost it with numbers per line on the 4th of November.
So that we can start the discussion, and building process.
And all the other people who would like to help can start adding
their text.

Also as suggestion:

update 8 November
update 12 November
update 15 November
update 19 November
update 22 November
final version for the year 1998 post on 29 November.

USA and UK can relax, Sweden and the Netherlands can start the
translation work :-)

>From what I've read until now in the Extropy list, there are a lot of
people with scientific knowledge, writing skills and enthusiast/
optimistic/fun thoughts and opinions. I hope "we" can combine al
this power in one very good "bible :-) of Transhumanism"

Hope to hear from you all soon !!

Greetings, :-)

Berrie Staring Email :
Member : Excedo Dutch >H
Site: present in november 1997
" if we agree; that what you do to someone....
.....can be done to you....................................
.you know love is an option and violence not"

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The Transhuman well

This text is trying to represent the History and Future vision of the =
Tranhumanists and Extropists. If you are new to the movement you can use =
this text as a starting point for your journey into this really exciting =
and wonderful universe of the ideas, predictions and scientific basis =
that the Transhuman philosophy is build on. The text is build over a =
period of time with help of all the people mentioned below. It's a =
Dynamic text, that is wide open for discussion. But to keep it as a =
reference point. It will be fixed for at least one year. After that it =
will include as much as criticism, new idea's and new insights as =
possible. All lines will have a number in front. This will make it easy =
for anybody, who
would like to share an other or additional opinion, to refer to the =
specific part of the text.
The numbers themselves will lead you to additional information or other =

The Big Bang years ago nothing became something...............
Quantum mechanics
Cooling process
Forming the Universe
Time and Space
Chaos and order

This lucky blue ball had something special =
First life forms and how they came about
Evolution, Chaos, Bacteria
The Apes
Civilization, Chinese ? Egypt and pyramids
The 'Information entity' us !
Social aspects
Political aspects

Using tools
Science an Alchemy
Industrial period
The "information entity" us !
Social aspects
Political aspects

Were are we heading for
Extropians, history !!!!!!!!!!!!
Transhuman, history !!!!!!!!!!!
Cryonics, today
Nanotechnology, today
Computer/IT, today
Space travel/living,today
The "information entity" us !
Social aspects
Political aspects

The near Future (less...then 100 years)
Computers, then
Nanotechnology, then
Space travel/living, then
The "information entity" us
Social aspects=20
Political aspects
We as movement

The far Future (more then 100 years)