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Mon, 27 Oct 1997 23:44:29 -0800 (PST)

I only wish that I'd read this before posting my last message!?!?!

He's got the right idea.. how far away is this technology? is it too
dangerous to fool around with?? a malfunction could completely obliterate
the vehicle.

jeff taylor

>In a message dated 97-10-24 04:01:01 EDT, you write:
><< Any feasible anti gravity technology would be most useful in aircraft
> and spacecraft. Now, replacing cars with personal antigravity propelled
> aircraft is somehting else entirely. With smart navigation technologies,
> using all of that volume in the air is a much smarter way to go about
> it. Of course, if there is an accident, expect to die, unless airbag
> technology is heavily used, in a manner like the Mars Pathfinder landing
> method. Bounce, bounce, bounce...
> >>
>Well, if we develop anti-gravity, why not develop some sort of anti-collision
>field that would repel you from any object within a certain distance(with the
>repelling energy being adjustable in terms of distance and strength), like
>magnets, until you land or engage with some other object. That would be
>great and very fun for playing some kind of game in the air, with fast,
>cushiony bounces off of the others. Or maybe just close cruising with the
>others, feeling the others' energy fields as you come close, playing, like
>tag or love making(thats to say if we could combine our own sensory fields
>with that technology, incorporating our nervous systems).