Re: Antigravity

Anders Sandberg (
28 Oct 1997 10:06:57 +0100

=- deluxe -= <> writes:

> He's got the right idea.. how far away is this technology? is it too
> dangerous to fool around with?? a malfunction could completely obliterate
> the vehicle.

The honest answer is that we do not have antigravity technology, that
it doesn't appear feasible in any useful way* given the known laws of
physics, and that at present it doesn't appear on the horizon even of
theoretical applied science. That may of course change, but it isn't
something to bet much on (are there an idea future for antigrav?).

* Robert Forward has done a lot of work on suggesting fun ways of
making antigravity of various kinds using the known laws of
physics. They likely work, but do not appear worth the trouble. See
his book _Indistinguishable from Magic_.

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