Re: Movie: Contact - angry tirade

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Mon, 27 Oct 1997 23:44:26 -0800 (PST)


<excerpt>Oooh! Can I just point out that while I generally loved this

ALL 5 PEOPLE i went to see it with, as well as all three critics

I've read review it, were happy to note that they felt the message

of the film was an affirmation of faith [without evidence]!


I'd like to add my two cents..

I'll just cut to the point, this movie was a smart way to introduce a
somewhat sophisticated topic to middle america bible-belt types, as
well as those too closed minded and programmed by a synical,
controlling media machine. I can only hope in the not-to-distant-future
someone writes a well written and SERIOUS film which deals with
ubiquitous life in the universe. I've had enough ET's and Alfs.. lets
see a first colony to Mars movie.

Jeff Taylor