Movie: Contact - angry tirade

kristen brennan (
Fri, 24 Oct 1997 12:35:46 -0700

Oooh! Can I just point out that while I generally loved this movie,

ALL 5 PEOPLE i went to see it with, as well as all three critics

I've read review it, were happy to note that they felt the message

of the film was an affirmation of faith [without evidence]!

Aargh! Sagan wrote an entire book (The Demon-Haunded World), and spent

much of his career warning of the dangers of this. Skepticism and

reason, as well as a profound distrust of organized religion and similar

superstitions, formed such a large part of his body of work.

Although Sagan had a heavy hand in the film, around 80% was filmed while he

was on his deathbed, and another 10% was filmed AFTER he died. It makes

me crazy to think the film people managed to make a film espousing the

REVERSE of Sagan's message, while still loudly proclaiming him imprimatur!

Argh! Ooeerg! [teeth gnashing]

The book was much more clearly pro-logic. Joss was a much less loathable,

pretty-boy character.

And the book had one fascinating idea which was inexplicably (okay, the

film people correctly thought it was too complicated for mainstream audiences)

omitted from the film: PI contains a "secret message" from the (non-divine)

alien creators of the universe.



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