Re: Foundations of Transhumanism

Nicholas Bostrom (
Mon, 27 Oct 1997 23:51:14 +0000

Gregory Sullivan wrote:

> Nicholas Bostrom said:
> >Foundations of Transhumanism is a new web site that will provide easy
> >access to selected transhumanist material of an academic nature.
> []
> You may wish to add a link to Max More's doctoral dissertation which
> treats the topic of identity.

Good suggestion!

> Since you have a link to "Engines of Creation" you may wish to add a link
> to "Unbounding the Future":

I'm on a slippery slope. Unbounding the Future is distinctly popular.
EoC is popular too, but it is so damn brilliant that it is impossible
not to include it. I think I will abstain from UF.

> The case for examining transhumanist issues could perhaps be strengthened
> by referring to ongoing technical progress. Links to the full papers of
> the upcoming Fifth Foresight Conference on Molecular Nanotechnology are
> available:

I will have a think about that. What I think I want to avoid is
linking to anything I find interesting. There are already a number of
excellent transhumanist sites with hundreds of links (e.g. Ander's
and Mitch's). But some people when they come to a site might rather
want five or ten limks that lead to really good central texts. If
they want a more exhaustive bibliography they can use AltaVista.

Nick Bostrom