Foundations of Transhumanism

Nicholas Bostrom (
Sat, 25 Oct 1997 21:55:59 +0000

Foundations of Transhumanism is a new web site that will provide easy
access to selected transhumanist material of an academic
nature. I belive it is important that transhumanism begins to be
done systematically and in a way that is academically respectable. I
think we have so far done a comparatively good job in popularizing
our ideas and making them available to the general educated public
(which is extremely important). But if some student who is writing
her MA, say, wants to do it in transhumanism, she will have a hard
time convincing her professors that this is really something more
than science fiction and entertaining speculation. I have been
contacted by several people with that predicament. It is especially
hard to find transhumanist texts of the sort that are publishable in
academic journals etc. So I think it is meaningful to have this site
for academic transhumanists.

In its present form, the page includes links to such works as the
Engines of Creation, that are not really academic but nevertheless of
a very high standard, if they are currently the best text available
about a certain issue. Where no appropriate texts exist, I have in
some cases inserted a shorter paper of my own as a temporary place-
holder. More papers by various persons will be added by and by, but
the emphasis is on quality rather then quantity.

The URL is

Nick Bostrom
London School of Economics
Department of Philosphy, Logic and Scientifc Method