Re: earth/moon relationship
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> The inner core is a solid apparently because of the enormous pressure it's
> under. It's made of the same stuff as the outer core. Exact details of
> inner core structure aren't entirely clear because the pressures and
> temperatures exceed our current experimental limits. I believe the current
> theory is that the inner core is an iron crystal, which you just can't
> get under conditions at the surface.
> >>
>Thats interesting, then perhaps its the inner/outer core process that is
>making the expansion?

No, the density difference is small.

>I heard somewhere that we've created temperatures 3
>times hotter than that of the inner sun, in fusion reactors, is that bogus?

No, it's true; but we can make such temperatures only amidst explosions and
that's a poor simulation of the core.

> Anyway, Ive known about the crystal being in the center, thats really cool,
>im sure it has all sorts of implications/potentials, having effects on
>different wave/frequency/magnetic spectrums etc...

Oh, I knew I would regret that comment. There's nothing mystical about the
core according to this theory; it's just a big electromagnet made of a
absent at the surface of the earth but quite mundane in the core.