Re: To space without rockets ?

Michael M. Butler (mbutler@comp*
Sun, 26 Oct 1997 16:32:08 -0800


You forgot that the ancient Egyptians also had the linear motor (they've been
found in burial crypts next to the storage batteries that powered them)
millennia ago, and that UFO abductees have reported that Grays have used them
in hideous chromozone-bending experiments deep in the caverns reached by the
USS nuclear sub Nautilus in 1958 when it supposedly "reached the North Pole"
(ha!). This means that Grays probably gave the tech to the Atlanteans in the
first place.

Go ahead and mock, you talk about too much boring stuff anyway.
It's all true, I read it somewhere and why would they lie?


Damien Broderick wrote:

> >What's a linear motor?
> >
> >thanks
> >
> >danny
> It's short for `lint-in-your-ear motile oratory'. Ancient Atlantean
> wizards used this method to fly into orbit after the earth had expanded too
> much and destroyed their homeland. The method is now known only to a few,
> but appears to have involved an occult practice of meditation in which the
> side of the head was lowered until the ear rested on the navel. Lint was
> then drawn into the cavities of the ear by specially trained earwigs, and
> the coded messages buried in the DNA strands of the lint were chanted until
> the adept rose into the heavens.
> Damien Broderick

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