Slide scanner, and Re: MEDIA: Extropians in Book World/Washington Post

Michael M. Butler (mbutler@comp*
Sun, 26 Oct 1997 16:36:12 -0800

Well, I predict that it *won't* be paradise.

But it *might* be _fun_. For more people, more often.


Speaking of media, (and Kathryn :) )I got the pix back from Extro III.
Does anyone on the list have a good (1200 DPI or better) scanner that
can handle Ektachrome slides?


Kathryn Aegis wrote:

> A little surprise tucked into today's book review of Mark Edmundson's
> _Nightmare on Main Street_, which purports to deconstruct America's
> general pessimism through an examination of its Gothic tradition.
> The reviewer, Paul Di Filippo (of the Washington Post) spends several
> paragraphs listing the materials that Edmundson apparantly
> ignored in researching his book. When you read the following, note
> that the term Extropian seems to be on its way to becoming a social
> adjective!
> quote:
> As for data that might go against his theme, Edmundson
> too quickly dismisses the whole forward-looking
> Extropian/Wired cyberscene, stating 'Utopian discourse
> is at what may be an all-time low in premillenial
> America.' With such hearty techno-luminaries and their
> followers as Nicholas Negroponte, Eric Drexler, Stewart
> Brand and James Gleick pouring forth visionary dreams
> of gadget-mediated paradises just down the road, this is
> a highly debatable proposition.
> Kathryn Aegis

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