Re: To space without rockets ?
Sun, 26 Oct 1997 19:45:38 -0500 (EST)

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<< >What's a linear motor?

It's short for `lint-in-your-ear motile oratory'. Ancient Atlantean
wizards used this method to fly into orbit after the earth had expanded too
much and destroyed their homeland. The method is now known only to a few,
but appears to have involved an occult practice of meditation in which the
side of the head was lowered until the ear rested on the navel. Lint was
then drawn into the cavities of the ear by specially trained earwigs, and
the coded messages buried in the DNA strands of the lint were chanted until
the adept rose into the heavens.

Damien Broderick >>

Umm, ok, I take it you're making fun of me, trying to anyway, dumb example,
because I dont know about the atlanteans and the earth expansion thing is
science fact. I had this argument with yall once, and then another time
someone said I refused to look at concrete evidence, well, you cant get more
obvious than fitting together pieces like a puzzle! Im referring to how the
only way for our continents to fit into the original land mass is for the
earth to be 80% of the size it is today (im talking perfectly, otherwise
there are spaces that get larger the further you go towards the poles, only
to be relieved if you REDUCE THE SIZE OF THE EARTH), I mean, HELLO?????
There it is in front of your eyes!

now i have no idea what a linear motor is, and although im interested, you
dont have to tell me what it is if you dont want to, although I would
appreciate it if someone did.