Re: Genius dogs

Leevi Marttila (
09 Oct 1997 06:16:48 +0300

"Nicholas Bostrom" <> writes:

> (H) Take a person X of normal intelligence who knows the basics of
> some standard programming language. Give him an arbitrarily powerful
> computer, complete with camera eyes, microphones, robot arms etc.
> Then it is possible to educate X in less than a week in such a way
> that he will be able to program his computer to achieve
> superintelligence.

If machine language instruction set is something like Tierra,
then I think it would be inevitable that person would introduce
bugs in program. Some of those bug would be able to spread to
whole computer and evolute to superintelligence. So it is probably
inevitable that he would do that in a week if he is only told to
program something.

Could he solve chess with that computer without introducing

What about programming game of life and starting with empty world?
In the middle of world would be 3x3 units randomly mutated.
That would probably lead to superintelligence.
Initially it produces mostly wanderers and different static things.
What would be the next basic unit conceptually when they make
collisions etc...?