Re: Seven (po) questions for Estacado (was Re: Re: The Spike, nanotech, and a fu
Wed, 8 Oct 1997 23:29:25 -0400 (EDT)

>I've also poked some fun at some material you hold dear.<

Actually, I don't hold Neo-Tech that dear. At the risk of sounding
arrogant I consider myself an exceptional thinker. In fact, I would
put myself in the same category with Nietzsche. Neo-Tech does
not have all the answers and niether do I. Having studied philosophical
systems from Taoism, to Objectivism, to Chaos Magic I can say
that Neo-Tech is that missing link that shows the incredible
power of human consciousness. All of these other paradigms
have extremely useful aspects for thinking and for action but without
the crucial identification of the difference between existence and
human consciousness(made clear only by reading from the very
first page to the very last page of _The Neo-Tech Discovery_)these
other paradigms become useless in your pursuit of eternal happiness.
Your comment has provided me with a possible useful idea though.
As a Chaos ritual I think I will burn my copy of _The Neo-Tech Discovery_
tonight in a fiery blaze beneath the stars to destroy another "belief"
and enhance my critical thinking ability.
Also(thanks again) this discussion has made me aware that these
debates are sucking time(and therefore "life") out of my day so this
will have to be my last post--I hope I answered your questions.
(I am anticipating you New Age physicists who believe that time
doesn't exist so as a bonus reading suggestion, if you act now, I
recommend _The End of Certainty_ by Ilya Prigogine!!! :) ).