Re: SOC: Promise Keepers

Lee Daniel Crocker (
Sat, 4 Oct 1997 12:42:51 -0700 (PDT)

> I missed that thread, but as I understand it the main reason for
> feminist opposition to PK is the overt statements of the leadership
> regarding the status of women in the family--mainly that the men
> should take back control (not ask, take). On the other hand, as
> noted by several prominent feminists this week, if a membership in PK
> results in the man being more attentive and caring and responsible to
> his family, then that improves the situation of women, men and their
> children, and it's difficult to argue with that.
> Kathryn Aegis

If it were a small private organization with no political aims, I
wouldn't worry about it either--but one has to be suspicious of a
group that can rally 1,000,000 men in Washington. It is not unlikely
that they will be perceived there as an influential lobby, trying to
get their perverse ideas of what a "family" is written into law and
enforced by the state.

Good intentions are the most powerful tool of evil.

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