Re: The Spike, nanotech, and a future scenario

Eliezer S. Yudkowsky (
Sat, 04 Oct 1997 21:30:08 -0500

Dan Clemmensen wrote:
> I'm in there quite a bit, mostly because I'm the most radical
> "singularitan," having predicted in May of 1996 that the
> singularity would occur within a decade.

I dispute that. :) Going on our relative portions of the Spike, I think I
actually came across as being more radical than you, probably since Damien
believes youths _should_ come across as radical. Although I don't think
there's much point in comparision; we both believe the Singularity could occur
any time now - how 'ya doin', Zyvex? - and our relative speculations on What
Happens Next ain't tremendously important next to Getting There.

For the record, though, the >Web-to-S transition could take considerably less
than two weeks if there are any protein synthesis machines on the Web.
Likewise for STMs.

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