Re: Rights and Morality: The Primethic Decision

Kennita Watson (
Sat, 4 Oct 1997 00:05:25 -0700

>> [A discussion of the words "morality" and "ethics"]
>> I have enough faults -- please don't attribute ones I don't have out of
>> frustration at other people having them, OK?
>I have no idea what you mean here--which is the only minor "fault" I
>was trying to express: that your use of language could be better.
>What fault did you think I was implying? Perhaps my language wasn't
>clear enough there either, but I just reread my message, and I can't
>see anything in it that can be interpreted as implying fault. I was
>talking about words, nothing more, and I thought I was very clear.
I was taking your comments personally. I didn't notice that they weren't
personal at the time, but I did recognize that I was in suboptimal form,
thus my disclaimer:

>> Kennita (in a fit of pique -- one of the three QA engineers I lead quit
>> yesterday with 0 days notice and I'm still recovering)

I am an emotional being, and have ceased to apologize for it (part of my
Objectivism Recovery phase of a few years ago). I do, however, apologize
for counterattacking if you weren't attacking to begin with. I saw you
as holding a definition joust with me when I wasn't making any claims
about definitions.

Whatever. Water under the bridge, and I'm sleepy -- I think I'll
drift downstream to sleep.


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