Re: left anarchy, right anarchy, and space homesteading
Sat, 4 Oct 1997 03:14:35 -0400 (EDT)

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<< Why not? The anarchists would claim that any system which sanctions
such inequities among human beings is unacceptable. That holding but
not using resources which other people could use is theft, and
inefficient. If you're not using the building how is someone else
moving into it theft? How is it unjust? >>

I don't follow that...I have nothing against fact I beleive
equality of outcome is a farce...a myth perpetuated by "do-gooder liberals"
as an excuse to acquire and use force over others...

Equality of opportunity is a different thing...although even it isn't a

If a person owns's no business of yours what he does with
it...whether you think it fair...or not...and just because you disapprove in
no way makes his use of his own property "theft"

My retort to people who make such an argument " If you're not using the
building how is someone else
moving into it theft? " is that it's MINE...and if you don't like it...get
off your dead ass and earn your own...I've done it...starting from ground
zero...twice...and I don't see why others can't as well...

And I was just this very minute talking to a guy...he saw me sitting at the
table with my laptop...he didn't know what it was...he didn't know what I was
doing...he claimed not to know how to read or wite...and yet he owns two
trucks...and is buying three he must be having some success (he was
a "minority'" by the of those poor downtrodden by the evil white
man mexicans) So I don't have any pity for the helpless homeless...if I can
and this guy can...then THEY can .

Sorry for the vehemance...but theft...and the legitimazation of
theft...aggravates me.