Re: left anarchy, right anarchy (and a pretty damn complex bartender)

Keith Elis (
Fri, 03 Oct 1997 16:13:08 -0400

Remi Sussan wrote:

> I'm not sure, but I suspect this has lot in common with the "complex
> bartender" proposed by Eliezer recently,

I think I've met that bartender. You think you've got him figured out, but next
thing you know, he busts out with the Bushmills when all you wanted was a Bud
draft. (Watch your drink orders evolve before your very eyes...)

Anyway, I don't think Mr. Yudkowsky has enough practical experience to propose
any new kind of bartender, complex or otherwise. (Unless he has a good fake

I'm sorry, Remi, but this one was way too good to pass up. :-)

Complex boat drinks,



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