re: ECI, ICI (excitatory culture impulse)

From: Amara Graps (
Date: Tue Nov 13 2001 - 10:39:45 MST

Curious wrote:
>it seems you suffer, or like suffering...

heh.. unlikely. (do you?)

I was answering Andy's question regarding if other cultures (with
their different 'suffering indices', if such a concept is valid) have
creative expressions emerging from a suffering condition similar to
the (original) Greek rebetikas, before that musical form evolved. And
rebetikas and dancing seem to go together too, making that expression
somewhat unique.

American Blues has similar origins to the rebetika but the music
sounds totally different, and doesn't sound to my ear as expressive as
the early rebetika. I can't really think of any other cultural
examples in this same idea.



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