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Date: Tue Nov 13 2001 - 10:29:04 MST

... I don't know yet where are the suffering icons, if they exist.
The Italian crooner Paolo Conte sounds rough and gritty, like
he's singing in a smoke-filled bar, but he doesn't sound like
he is drowning in his sorrows. suffering index still undetermined.

There are many suffering icons.

The "Sceneggiata Napoletana"
originated in Naples, during 1919,
by the trio Cafiero-Marchetiello-Diaz.
The "Sceneggiata" (still alive, these days,
with Mario Merola) is a unique mixture of song
(cantato) and performance (recitato). It's a sort
of very crude operetta. But the themes are emigration,
poverty, misfortunes, death, shame, and so on.

Speaking of suffering icons I ***strongly*** recommend
the CD "Terra Mia" (1977) by Pino Daniele, a famous
neapolitan folk-singer, and especially his songs "Terra Mia"
and "Napule č" [Naples is]. Napster perhaps could provide that.

The Genoa school (Paolo Conte, Bruno Lauzi, Umberto
Bindi, Gino Paoli, Luigi Tenco, Fabrizio de Andrč) is very
important too, and significant from that point of view.
Especially the latter (de Andrč). He made several ***masterpieces***.
In example the song "Creuza de ma", in a very difficult slang.
The mood, the character is something between the music of
J. Brel, G. Brassens, and the portuguese "Fado". Moreover
Genoa and Lisboa [Lisbon], both on the sea, both in the story,
share the same "saudade", the same sadness, sometimes
also the same slang. That's interesting, imo.

Any portuguese out there? Could say something about the "Fado"
and the music of Cabo Verde [pron. Cāboo Vėrgee], and Cesaria Evora,
and so on ?

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