ECI, ICI (excitatory culture impulse)

From: Andy Toth (
Date: Sun Nov 11 2001 - 13:09:29 MST

>>>The music is still precious today to the Greeks.

yes {resonant}, the specific media seems to retransmit "never forget" and
"do not modify / autoconstrain=ON".

i am an american boy who is studying in thessaloniki. it seems that the
central government has absorbed this, and all depressant media for public
redistribution / control, persuasion for placement into segments of the
current culture. the people seem to be programmed for a higher "suffering
index" affinity. (ie, 'suffering-withdrawal' is a larger part of my life
because my government has 'suffering' set to high value). like there is
this song that has the chorus: (i suffer, i suffer, i suffer, i suffer)
female vocals with a techno beat; it is beautiful physically. i have never
seen anything like it (i am ignorant of that level of suffering). however,
what similar elements exist in america, or the non-america? perhaps they
are the same as the above, minus they carry -the- "stimulus" impulse
instead. equally deleterious amplitude? to whom?

integral greek root per meros:

meros => segment, part, piece, day

as seen in:

polymer, consumer, centromere, telomere, barometer (just-checking, however
"baros" means "mass"). i cannot believe how many of the current words in
circulation are greek, and their implementations are rather "not based on
initial word environment". (ie, expanded factory departure-mode)


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