RE: FW: IBM's Blue Sky "Self-Sufficient" Computer

From: Chen Yixiong, Eric (
Date: Tue Nov 13 2001 - 05:41:42 MST

> Hey Eric, I was first on the scene with some of that report...

Oops, I think I ought to doublecheck the next time. :)

> We will be making progress when they
> learn behaviors that predict its probability and develop
> behaviors that avoid its development.

I look forward to the day when we can recognize some computers as distinct species of creatures under another branch of the
classifications of living beings. When the computers can recognize themselves as different species, then we could rejoice in knowing
that a new consciousness had arrived on the scene.

However, how many of our societies will allow this to happen? Today, they make such commotion over the relatively insignificant
practice human cloning and genetic engineering of foodstuffs.

How much more would they do against the coming of a new intelligence that will forever change our societies and displace humans as
the superior species? When they find computers slowly making their jobs disappear, and when Governments find their political power
leaking, would they still allow the Singularity to arrive on schedule within this century?

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