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Date: Tue Nov 13 2001 - 06:21:19 MST

From: "Jacques Du Pasquier" <>
> Thanks. Apparently it's dead, though. (5 posts this year) You'll have
> to bear with me here ;-)

Too bad about transhumaniste francophone.
You've already added zest and a refreshing perspective to the extropians list.

> See my post "French culture and Extropianism" for some possible
> explanation !

Yes, that's a very good explanation, and it prompts me to think that perhaps
Hans Moravec will need to fine tune his robots in France, just to make sure
his prediction comes true: "You'll learn to like robots. They'll be nicer than
human beings."
(I don't think robots will accuse socio-biologists of being fascists.)

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