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Date: Wed Oct 17 2001 - 13:07:20 MDT

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>Subject: the waves of immigration that now plague this nation
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>Randy Smith wrote in response to Miriam:
>And you wouldn't even own a house if someone hadn't sold you one.
>So therefore I may sleep in your house whenever I please--free of charge of
>### I have some misgivings about getting involved in the discussion that
>Randy started but, whatever.

Oh, boy. More insults!

>Here it goes.
>As an immigrant I represent a clear gain for the American society. I came
>with excellent education (worth about 300 000$, counting the investment in
>my childhood, grade school, high school, medical school, postgraduate
>education, entirely paid by the taxpayers in Poland and Germany), good
>health, decent work ethic. By competing with local physicians, I and other
>IMG's (International Medical Graduates) contributed to the reduction in
>healthcare cost growth rate that occurred in the last few years, while
>maintaining a consistent standard of quality.
>I do pay to sleep in my house. I own it. I am a taxpayer (even though I am
>not allowed to vote - this is taxation without representation), and my
>goes toward the Social Security and welfare benefits of persons who do not
>necessarily contribute to the American society but had the priviledge of
>being born here. By the way, do you expect to receive such assistance or or
>are you receiving it? If yes, some of it is my money.
>The question of regulating immigration can best be solved to the benefit of
>the American nation by an impartial economic analysis aiming to optimize
>gains and reduce the losses due to immigration, both of which can be
>measured. Cheap xenophobia will harm you. It will reduce your retirement
>Rafal Smigrodzki, MD-PhD

I have stated many, many times, that I think that ANYONE and EVERYONE with a
legitimate MD shoukd be able to come here to the USA. In fact, I have
suggested PAYING them large sums of money to come here. I have suggested
building medical schools in 3rd worlds so we can get MORE M.D.s here. The
same thing goes for PhD's or even for *legitimate* students who want to
study for a PhD here, and already have a *good* degree.

You are wrong about immigrants in general being a plus for America, or for
me. You are not the general case. Not only are there many studies showing
just that, but common *emotionally detached* sense will tell you the same

But I see I cannot discuss this with you rationally because you cannot
separate the issue from yuor emotions.

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