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Date: Wed Oct 17 2001 - 12:38:59 MDT


On Wed, 17 Oct 2001, Randy Smith wrote:

> >you would have been a great help to Santa Anna. YOU MEXICAN COMMUNIST
> Well, well, I have truly struck the motherlode of openminded,
> mold-shattering, cutting edge thinking here on the Extropians list.
> You guys talk about memes and starting new ones, but a very big part of what
> I have seen here is mainly just follow-the-leader. Jeez, Alex, not only are
> you regurgitating propaganda, but 50 year old propaganda.

Please. This propoganda I'm regurgitating is severalfold older than a
mere 50 years. It's the propoganda that inspired the founding of our
great nation-state, and when all nation states crumble to make way for
glorious anarchotopia, this propoganda will continue to inspire just
as surely as trolls will continue to troll and there will continue to
be those who feed them.

> I am sad to say that you and many of your list-mates here really don't think
> and analyze on your own, but just follow a program. You think as you are
> told, in large part.

I don't speak for others, but I did analyze what you posted, probably
more so than it merited. You started with a nonsequitur singling out
mass media as being responsible for waves of immigration. You followed
it up with a bizzare metaphor about houses. Nowhere did you attempt to
make clear exactly what adverse impact immigration has had on you or
on the US in general.

I am absolutely serious when I accuse you of being a communist. You
might think that just because you're a xenophobe, your anticommunist
credentials are above reproach, but communists can be as xenophobic as
anybody else. They're just not as up front about their xenophobia as
you are, and hats off to you on that. Now then, communism is at its
core a belief that the state can and should control markets for the
public good (as defined by the state). You, Comrade Randy, believe
the state should control labor markets through protectionist
measures. I believe the state should control as few institutions as
possible, perhaps none at all. Therefore in my frame of reference you
are a commie traitor and I am hereby referring your case to the
Committee on Unextropian Activities.

> Oh well, at least this list is *nominally* in favor in immortality, although
> I find it hard to believe that a practical immortalist would espouse
> spending money on a space program....

What are you doing for immortality? How will trolling about immigrants
help acchieve immortality? Hypothetically, if you found out that a
number of research scientists in fields relevant to your area of concern
were naturalized citizens or foreign nationals on work visas, would you
want them all to leave?

> You may now resume the tribal chatter, etc....

Ook ook.

> Or maybe you would rather stone me in the village square?

No way, man, I don't think we can increase your level of stonedness.
I think maybe instead I'll start keeping an eye out for a foreigner
I can convince to marry your sister.

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