Cryonicist/NYPD officer killed due to WTC attack

From: John Grigg (
Date: Thu Oct 11 2001 - 00:47:32 MDT

On cryonet I learned about another life tragically snuffed out by the terrorist attack.
I looked with great interest at the photograph of cryonicist/fallen NYPD officer, John Perry. Most of the other officers had the hardened and gaunt look of someone doing law enforcement work in a very rough locale. But, John had that really big, friendly, and confident smile on his face! He really stood apart from the others. I wish I had been able to meet this man.

I found it fascinating that a libertarian who had practiced law earlier in life, would decide to jump into such a tough, yet potentially rewarding line of work. It makes me wonder what the other officers thought of him.

I tend to think in another age John Perry would have perished trying to save people from a viciously attacked space colony. As much as I hope we will one day not need to call upon people to risk their lives, I hope we never run out of brave men and women like John Perry.

This is a great article about the man:

Sadly, I have learned he had dropped out of his contract with ALCOR. But, even if he had been signed up, it would have made no difference in the end due to the nature of his death.



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